To celebrate the 20th anniversary Marvel turns to Donny Cates to relaunch Marvel Knights

Just in time for the original initiative's anniversary, Donny Cates & friends are reviving the Marvel Knights line

MK20 01 Featured

Twenty years ago Joe Quesada andJimmy Palmiotti joined a slew of creators to revive and relaunch a series of Marvel Comics characters under the Marvel Knights banner. Now as the company celebrates the anniversary of that initiative, they are ready to revive it at the same time.

During an event for retailers at San Diego Comic-Con, as reported by NewsaramaVenom and Cosmic Ghost Rider writer Donny Cates is set to be the new creative lead/showrunner of a revived Marvel Knights line, extending his exclusive deal with the publisher in the process. Cates took to Twitter to break the news as well.

As part of his showrunner duties Cates will choose the creative teams for the line and in the beginning will be joined by fellow writers Tini Howard, Matthew Rosenberg and Vita Ayala. There is no word yet on artists that will join them or what projects each will work on.

Marvel Knights 2.0 will kick off in November with an MK20 #1 one-shot drawn by Mike Deodato Jr. and Marvel did reveal a pretty awesome bit of promotional art by the artist for the project.

MK20 01

It’s reported that this new one-shot and line will focus on characters that were part of the original version of Marvel Knights. Launched in 1998 as Marvel tried to battle out of bankruptcy, the line took lower tier or performing characters such as Daredevil, Black Panther, Elektra, Punisher, Cloak, Dagger, Shang Chi and many others and gave them a revitalization that help propel many of them forward into a spot where they’ve been prevalent in the Marvel Universe and/or successful ever since. Even Captain America, the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man dipped into the line to have Marvel Knights labeled titles over the years.

Back in 2013 Marvel unleashed a handful of miniseries featuring the Marvel Knights banner that featured Hulk, Spider-Man and the X-Men. The line has been retired since then.

There is no word on which titles will kick off the line yet.





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