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The first Young Justice: Outsiders trailer has arrived

After five years, the return of the fan-favorite Young Justice series is on the horizon as the first trailer arrives.

DC Universe Young Justice

Just like most superheroes, five years after being canceled the animated Young Justice series is ready to rise once more in the form of Young Justice: OutsidersSince DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. announced that the third season of the fan-favorite series would debut as part of the upcoming DC Universe streaming platform audiences have been salivating for their first glimpse.

Now thanks to the panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the first trailer has debuted.

Highly anticipated by fans and picking up after the dramatic events of Season 2, Young Justice: Outsiders finds our heroes reuniting to take down a metahuman trafficking organization. This special San Diego Comic-Con sneak peek relives some of Young Justice’s most impactful moments before giving us our first look at Outsiders. Pre-order now at #DCUniverse

Debuting on the platform in 2019, Young Justice: Outsiders has been planned out for 26 episodes. It will join the live-action Titans, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, Stargirl and animated Harley Quinn series as the new original series anchoring the platform.


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