Peter Tomasi & Doug Mahnke announced as the new Detective Comics creative team

Beginning with issue #994, Tomasi & Mahnke will take over Batman's long-running second title on the road to issue 1000.

Mahnke Batman

DC Comics overhaul of series creative teams continues with one of Batman’s big titles. During the Bat Family panel at San Diego Comic Con, the publisher announced that writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Doug Mahnke will take over as the new creative team for Detective Comics beginning with the 994th issue of the series with an eye on the upcoming 1000th issue.

Tomasi and Mahnke both recently were doing work on the Superman titles over the last few years, and both were in the world of Batman for the Batman & Robin series a few years ago. Previously Tomasai also had a very brief run on Detective back in 2016.

Returning to legacy numbering in 2016 during the DC Rebirth initiative, Detective Comics became a series featuring Batman and a team of Bat-family heroes under James Tynion IV and a slew of artists. Their run recently came to an end with Bryan Hilland Miguel Mendonca taking over.



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