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Captain Pike & a seemingly lighter tone arrive as Star Trek: Discovery drops a season two trailer

The Discovery crew gains a new Captain as they head off on a brand new adventure for season two

Star Trek Discovery

When CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery began to roll out trailers & eventually its first season late last year and earlier this year, a common criticism that could be found online was that the war with the Klingons and other material made the show darker than most of the previous series in the franchise. Dropping the first trailer for season two at SDCC, it looks like the producers and writers took that into account.

Blasting Lenny Kravitz’s “Fly Away” throughout, the trailer features Anson Mount’s Captain Cristopher Pike of the Enterprise (the series is set ten years before Captain Kirk takes over the ship for his voyages) taking command of the Discovery for a new mission and tells the crew to have some fun. While there is a mystery to be solved, much of the trailer seems a lot lighter than the ones for season two perhaps signaling a change in pace for the series now that the war is behind them.

The mystery of Spock and how he ties into this all, now that he’s taken a mysterious leave of absence, will continue the story of Michael Burnham’s (Sonequa Martin-Green) connection to him as a foster sister. Whether a new actor will rise to take on the role of Spock to appear on this show is unclear.

Comedian Tig Notaro’s guest spot allows her to make a funny joke in the trailer, and there is even a fun scene with a new alien crewmember which helps alleviate some concerns that the Discovery crew was made up of a lot of humans in the first season.

Star Trek: Discovery season two arrives in early 2019.



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