Shazam! returns to DC Comics in November from Geoff Johns & Dale Eaglesham

Shazam is back and the entire family is along for the ride in a brand new fall launching comic book series

Shazam Comic Featured

Just in time for his upcoming cinematic debut, Billy Batson the hero known as Shazam is getting his very own monthly series again. Announced during the Geoff Johns spotlight panel during San Diego Comic-Con, the new series arrives in November from Johns and artist Dale Eaglesham.

Previously Johns debuted the New 52, version of the character (formerly known as Captain Marvel before a name change in light of Marvel’s own claim to the name) through backup stories with Gary Frank in issues of John’s Justice League run. Shazam hasn’t really been seen much since those stories, leaving Johns and Eaglesham plenty of room to play with the character and his adopted family in the DC Rebirth landscape.

Shazam Comic

Based upon the first image DC Comics shared, Billy’s foster siblings Mary, Freddy, Eugene, Pedro, and Darla will gain the powers of Shazam (the powers given to Billy by a dying wizard), much like Freddy and Mary did in the pre-New 52 reboot era.

Shazam #1 arrives on November 21.



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