Kelly Sue DeConnick & Robson Rocha are the new creative team for Aquaman

Stripped of his memories & on a strange island, Aquaman begins new adventures as a new team takes charge.

Aquaman Comics

Change is in store for another one of DC Comic’s iconic characters. Following announcements of new creative teams for The Green Lantern (Grant Morrison & Liam Sharp) and Wonder Woman (Willow G. Wilson & Cary Nord) as well as shakeups with Brian Michael Bendis taking over both Superman books and a full Justice League line overhaul, it’s Aquaman’s turn.

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Robson Rocha are set to take over Aquaman’s solo series from current writer Dan Abnett who has been writing the title since it’s DC Rebirth relaunch (and before that moment too) alongside various artists including recently Rocha. DeConnick is the first female writer to ever handle the solo series for Aquaman.

There is no indication when the new team will take over, Abnett is solicited through issue #40, but their first arc will feature Arthur Curry being washed up on an island with no memory of who he is. His journey to discover who he is and why he’s on this island will cause him to cross paths with various sea gods that were forgotten and also washed up on the island.

Aquaman’s mother Atlanna and his issues with her are said to also play a part. All of this is likely just in time for Aquaman’s big screen solo adventure debut on December 21, a film where his mother and issues with her and the rest of his family will arise as well.

(Via: Newsarama)


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