Steve Orlando & Travel Foreman enter a Jack Kirby inspired future for DC Comic’s Electric Warriors

Kamandi & the Great Disaster were only the beginning, as DC Comics latest miniseries explores that future further.


Jack Kirby’s Kamandi and the Great Disaster within were just the beginning. This fall, DC Comics is ready to dive deeper into that unexplored Jack Kirby built future with Electric Warriors, a six-issue miniseries from Steve Orlando and Travel Foreman.

In 2735, the Earth emerges from the Great Disaster to rejoin the galaxy, finding a universe teetering on the brink of galactic war. To forestall Armageddon, interplanetary conflicts are settled through Trial by Combat, with diplomatic gladiators known as Electric Warriors. Against the bloody battlefield of the dead Sector 666, these lone warriors sacrifice their lives to ensure that their worlds may live in an always-fragile peace.

Diplomacy, especially the violent diplomacy that is the province of the Electric Warriors is a dangerous enough game, but what happens when the players find out that the game has been rigged, and rigged by those that they’ve chosen to serve?

“Like Overwatch or Battle Royale, ELECTRIC WARRIORS will feature a team of unique, memorable leads representing a wide spectrum of readers in a setting rife with danger and adventure,” said Orlando. “This is the unexplored future of Jack Kirby’s DC Universe, rising from the Great Disaster of Kamandi. If the Legion of Superheroes is the universe’s Age of Enlightenment, the setting of ELECTRIC WARRIORS is more akin to the Dark Ages.”


While the book is set in a far-flung future, there will be ties to the DC Universe that fans know and love.

“I’m very excited about Electric Warriors, I’ve been a fan from afar of Steve Orlando and it’s amazing to have the chance to bring his vision for the book to life,” Foreman said. “What I think people are going to enjoy most about the book are the brand-new characters, each with a tie to DC legacy, set in a section of the DC lore rarely touched upon. It’s going to be a wild ride.”

Electric Warriors begins in November.



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