James Bond meets a new face with some old tricks in a new Dynamite Entertainment comic series

Greg Pak, Marc Laming, Triona Farrell and Ariana Maher launch the latest monthly series starring Ian Fleming's famous spy.

James Bond 007 01 Featured

For the last few years Agent 007, otherwise known as James Bond, has been enjoying quite a new life in comic book from Dynamite Entertainment. That life will continue to grow as the publisher is putting out another monthly adventure for the world-renowned spy this November.

According to The New York Times, Greg Pak, Marc Laming, Triona Farrell and Ariana Maher will be launching a brand new series James Bond 007 where Bond will be joined by a mysterious man wearing a razor-sharp hat who has ties to the 1959 Goldfinger Bond nemesis Oddjob. That connection will be explored through the six-issue storyline.

“Each of them challenges the other in ways they’ve never been challenged before,” Pak said. “Coming up with fun twists and turns and crazy toys are all just the icing on the cake.

James Bond 007 01

Since launching the first monthly series in 2015 from Warren Ellis and Jason Masters, Dynamite has been rolling out various miniseries and one-shots featuring Bond and many of his supporting cast including Moneypenny, M and CIA operative Felix Leiter. Each of the series & one-shots has brought in new creative teams featuring many names familiar to the world of comics.

“It’s nice to do something grounded, with real bodies moving in realistic ways,” Laming said. “There’s a big fight in a very confined space at the end of issue No. 1 that is going to be a lot of fun and a lot of chaos. I get to use a lot of the environment to make it interesting. It’s very Bond.”

James Bond 007 #01 arrives in November.

James Bond 007 01 Variant


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