The X-Men will attempt to “Set it Right” in a new Extermination teaser

All of time itself is in danger as the time dispalced original five X-Men must face possible Extermination

EXTERM2018000_PROMO Featured

Since 2012, the young adult versions of the original five X-Men have been in the present day after the current day Beast went to get them in order to try to teach Cyclops a lesson after some disagreements.

Since then they’ve remained in the present day having adventures and growing and living new lives beyond what their original timeline stated. They have had chances to return home but have changed their mind because to do so would mean having their memories erased in order to preserve the timeline. Turns out, that is about to be an issue.

This summer’s upcoming event Extermination by Ed Brisson, Pepe Larraz, and Marte Gracia will show that the entire timeline is in danger the longer that the original five stick around. A new teaser for the event features a Cyclops in silhouette with the words “Set it Right,” seemingly meaning that the five will do what it takes to set everything right even if that means having to go home.


Extermination is a five-issue event that begins in August.


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