Valiant Entertainment’s Quantum & Woody from the Russo brothers reportedly in development at TBS

Valiant's brother duo of heroes could be ready to clang together their metal bands on TBS sometime in the near future.

Quantum and Woody

Valiant Comics upped their game when the properties were brought back in 2012 for a full-on reboot, leading to various highly-acclaimed runs the last few years that have brought many eyes to characters like X-O Manowar, Faith, Quantum and Woody, Bloodshot and so many more. Now there will be even more eyes on these characters.

As part of their move into other realms of media, Valiant Entertainment and Avengers: Infinity Wars directors Joe & Anthony Russo have been developing a Quantum and Woody television series. That series now has a home.

According to Deadline, the Quantum and Woody is now in the early development stages at TBS with Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari aboard to write the pilot for what could end up becoming a series should TBS go forward.

Created by Christopher Priest and Mark Bright, Quantum and Woody are adopted brothers Eric Henderson and Woodrow “Woody” Van Chelton who end up estranged but come back together after the mysterious murder of their father which leads to them gaining powers. The gain the ability to shoot energy and create shields of energy but the downside is that every 24 hours they must clang together their metal bands, otherwise they’ll dissolve into nothingness.

Previously Joel McHale, who worked with the Russos on Community, was rumored to be in talks to play Woody but there hasn’t been any further news on the casting front for the show with it being in such early development.

Under the new management of DMG, Valiant has been upping their goals to broaden the media reach of their characters including building upon previous plans for feature films and television shows along with other avenues.

Bloodshot film starring Vin Diesel is already in development and production is set to begin soon from Sony. There are also already plans, from before DMG took over, for Sony to produce another Bloodshot film, two Harbinger films and then bring them together for a Harbinger Wars film. There are also reports that Sony is moving forward with developing a Faith film as well.



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