Disney holds back Indiana Jones as the film is delayed once more till July 2021

Announced back in 2016, the fifth and potentially final Harrison Ford starring Indiana Jones film has hit some script issues.

Indiana Jones

Fans will have to wait just a bit longer to see what happens when Harrison Ford grabs the fedora and bullwhip once more. Disney has now officially delayed the debut of Indiana Jones 5. 

As many expected, the film is being moved from its current July 10, 2020 release date to a new July 9, 2021 date following issues with the script, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Last month there came word that Solo: A Star Wars Story co-writer Jonathan Kasden was stepping in to take over the scripting from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull writer David Koepp.

These delays seemingly assure that this will be the last film where Ford fully takes on the role of the adventurous archeologist because he’s currently 75 and will be 79 by the time the film finally arrives in theaters. This is the second time the film has been delayed since it was announced in 2016, previously it was set to release on July 19, 2019.

There were already rumors that this time, unlike how things didn’t pan out with the fourth film, director Stephen Spielberg and everyone else involved will truly offer up a sendoff for Ford as Jones and potentially introduce someone else that can take up the adventure in future films should there be any.


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