Tim Seely & Carlos Villa take the X-Men’s Shatterstar solo in a limited series this fall

The Mojoworld clone warrior is ready to slash his way right into his very own noir style miniseries.

Shatterstar Featured

Tim Seely is making the leap back across the line that divides the universes of Marvel & DC, after being DC exclusive for some time, in order to take one of Marvel’s Merry Mutants. According to Marvel, Seely and artist Carlos Villa will launch a brand new limited series this fall starring the former X-Force and X-Factor member and warrior of Mojoworld, Shatterstar.

“I was 12 years-old when I first saw Shatterstar in the pages of NEW MUTANTS, and I was the perfect age to be intrigued by him,” Seely said. “The dude’s an alien gladiator! And within pages of us meeting him, he stabs himself with his own swords in order to kill the bad guy standing behind him.”

Seely previously worked for Marvel on titles including the Ant-Man and the Wasp miniseries from 2010 along with some issues of New Exiles in 2008. He was also previously attached to a Blade series for Marvel that was announced to feature Blade’s daughter but never panned out.

Villa recently worked on the miniseries for the Inhumans teleporting canine companion Lockjaw.



Shatterstar will place the character in a space that might be a bit different than where he’s been since his debut back in the early 90s.

“My interest in him now is more in the ‘hardboiled noir’ aspects of the character,” Seely said. “He’s this guy whose life was violence for sport—and now he’s trying to move on from that. But it’s such a thin thread that keeps him in this new line of lawfulness, and it’s an easy one to break.”

Seely said the X-Men classics of the 80s and 90s stand as inspiration along with some other familiar areas of pop culture.

“When the life he built crumbles, Shatterstar is forced to ask himself if he truly ever gave up the gladiator ring. The series will be part John Wick, a dash of Will Eisner’s A Contract with God, and infused with lots of lots of interdimensional X-Men Super Hero mythos.” Seely said. “I really stuck close to the Fabian Nicieza, Rob Liefeld stuff—especially those last few issues of NEW MUTANTS where you can see the purest form of this guy. I also really leaned on the LONGSHOT limited series by Ann Nocenti and Art Adams, as well as the ‘Shattershot’ storyline from the old X-Men annuals.”

Shatterstar #1 arrives on October 03.



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