Morlun & his family are out for revenge as Marvel reveals plot & creative team for this fall’s Spider-Geddon

Marvel's fall Spider event is a direct sequel to 2014's Spider-Verse and reunites the multiversal Spider heroes against a returning threat.


Marvel Comics Amazing Spider-Man #800 helped bring a conclusion (not counting the real coda that came in issue #801) to the ten years of stories from Dan Slott on the series. Turns out, the stories he built aren’t quite over yet.

After teases, Marvel has fully unveiled the creative team of Christos Gage and Jorge Molina for the upcoming Spider-Geddon event which spins right out of Amazing Spider-Man #800 and is a proper sequel to the Slott written 2014 event Spider-Verse.

That event brought together various Spider-themed heroes of the multiverse against the threat of the villain Morlun and his family known as the Inheritors who were snacking on the spider heroes. By the end of the event Morlun and his family were sealed away in a prison, but now they are back and they are angry.

Spider-Verse took the multitudes of Spider-Characters and put them all on the same stage and we’ve been playing with it ever since,” teased editor Nick Lowe. “SPIDER-GEDDON straps dynamite to that stage and blows it to smithereens. The most dangerous spider-villain ever, Morlun, and his family of INHERITORS were trapped in the perfect prison at the end of SPIDER-VERSE. But like in any super hero story, there’s always a way out and you won’t believe how these Spider-Eaters get out. But they’re out and they want revenge.”


Spider-Geddon is said to have “new villains and old villains, shocking deaths and shocking returns and all the Spider-characters you can fit into one larger-than-life tale.”

Gage is no stranger to Spider-Man or the Spider-Verse story as he pitched in numerous times to write issues alongside Slott during the main run and during the event.

“Having had the great pleasure of collaborating with Dan Slott and an all-star array of artists on Spider-Verse, I’m thrilled to be part of SPIDER-GEDDON!” Gage said. “In addition to old favorites, SPIDER-GEDDON will see some new parallel-world Spideys show up…notably the Peter Parker from the world of Marvel’s Spider-Man, the Playstation 4 video game I’ve been working on for the past several years with the great folks at Insomniac Games! Of course, I’d be remiss not to mention how excited I am about once again writing REDACTED, the REDACTED! Is he the hero SPIDER-GEDDON needs…or the biggest threat to our world? Comics should be fun, thrilling, and a little scary. With SPIDER-GEDDON, we’re looking to deliver on all counts.”

Marvel promised more announcements over the coming weeks in regards to tie-in titles and other information for the fall launching event. Spider-Geddon begins it’s roll out with the Edge of Spider-Verse mini-series in August and a zero issue in September.



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