Justice League Odyssey delayed seven weeks as two issues reportedly scrapped

One of DC's three new main Justice League books has run into some unexpected delays, pushing it back till August.

Justice League Odyssey

While the main Justice League series at DC Comics, spun out of the recent Dark Nights: Metal and Justice League: No Justice events, has already begun at least one of it’s counterpart teams won’t be showing up as soon as expected. Justice League Odyssey, one of two companion books to Justice League alongside Justice League Dark, has now had its first issue delayed.

According to Newsarama, the first issue of the Joshua Williamson & Stjepan Sejic series has been pushed out of its July 11 to a new date of August 29, which is seven weeks later. Subsequently, the second issue has been moved from August 8 to a September 26 release date, but so far the third issue is still slated for September 12 but that will likely change.

The reason for the delay was revealed on social media by Sejic, responding to Newsarama’s original story about the delay, and is because two of the issues (he doesn’t state which ones) of the series had to be scrapped and redrawn.

Sejic wrote: “There was a bit of a miscommunication between production lines and 2 already completed issues had to be scrapped. These things happen when you’re dealing with such large company machinery.”

Justice League Odyssey is a big part of the recent reshuffling of titles at DC Comics that fall under the “New Justice” banner and spin out of recent events that have altered the universe.


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