Sony taps Jared Leto & director Daniel Espinosa for their Morbius the Living Vampire film

Sony's work to build their own Spider-Man universe continues with the vampiric anti-hero.


Sony Pictures is still trying to piece together a Spider-Manless shared Spider-Man universe, with Venom being the first piece later this year, and now they might have found another of the pieces. After taking on the clown prince of crime for Warner Bros. in Suicide Squad (with multiple Joker spinoffs potentially in the works), Jared Leto is swinging to the Marvel side of things.

According to Deadline, Leto and director Daniel Espinosa are in talks with Sony to head up the Spider-Man Universe antihero Morbius the Living Vampire, based off a script from Netflix’s Lost In Space creators Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama.

Debuting in The Amazing Spider-Man #101, Michael Morbius is a biochemist who tries to cure his fatal blood disease with a serum derived from bats, but instead, it turns him a vampire of sorts and he becomes an antagonist to Spider-Man but also a bit of an anti-hero as his story evolved. Generally more of a supporting character, he has had his own miniseries and series in the past and been part of some supernatural/magical teams in the past.

Espinosa isn’t a stranger to Sony as he directed the science fiction film Life for them, a film that interestingly enough many fans tried to humorously claim as a Venom origin story because of the alien lifeforms similarities to the comic book alien symbiote.

Because Sony’s deal with Marvel has tied Spider-Man up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and they want to create their own comic book universe, they have been turning more towards the anti-heroes and antagonists of the web-slinger for their films. Alongside the Morbius and aforementioned Venom films, they also have a film starring thief Black Cat & mercenary ruler of her own country Silver Sable called Silver and Black in the works.

There is no word on what sort of release date the film is shooting for or how all these films will tie together, or if they’ll just stand alone.





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