Kelsey Grammer reportedly in talks to lead DC Universe’s Doom Patrol series

DC Entertainment reportedly is turning to the former Doctor Fraiser Crane to take on the role of Doctor Niles Caulder.

Doom Patrol

After diving into the world of comic book adaptations with X-Men: The Last Stand (and a cameo in X-Men: Days of Future Past) well over a decade ago, Kelsey Grammer is looking to make that leap once more.

According to That Hashtag Show, Grammer is reportedly in negotiations with Warner Bros./DC Entertainment to take on the role of Doctor Niles Caulder/The Chief for the upcoming DC Universe streaming platform series Doom Patrol. The Doom Patrol characters are set to appear in the fifth episode of the upcoming Titans series on the platform before spinning into their previously announced series likely debuting in 2019.

Interestingly enough, the role was previously cast. Reports surfaced at the time of the breaking news that the Doom Patrol would appear on Titans that Bruno Bichir would be taking on the role, which he confirmed on his own Instagram. 

If Grammer is being looked at for the part, it stands to reason that likely Bichir has left or been removed from the role for some reason and the studio has decided to re-cast. There was no definitive word given on which Doom Patrol members will appear in the Titans episode, but since they are still in production it would be easy to re-film any needed scenes with Grammer should he sign on.

Titans is in production in Toronto and set to debut later this year while Doom Patrol has no official release timeframe.



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