DC Comics’ cancels two issues of Cyborg & brings the title to an end again

Just a few months after saving the title from cancelation, DC Comics has dropped the axe on the series once more

Cyborg 25

Turns out that Cyborg’s second lease on life as a solo title holding hero didn’t last for long. After saving the series from cancellation a few months ago, DC Comics has once more canceled Cyborg.

According to Newsarama, in a weekly retailer newsletter, DC Comics announced that June’s Cyborg #23 will be the final issue of the revived series and the previously solicited Cyborg #24 #25 have now been canceled. Previously there was a volume four trade that was said to contain issues #21 through #26, and there is no word on what will happen with that collection now that half its issues will not happen.

Back in November, the series came to an end with issue #20, but in January DC revived the series with Cyborg’s co-creator Marv Wolfman taking over the title as writer alongside artist Sam Lotfi. Despite being a big member of the Teen Titans/Titans before the New 52 reboot and a member of the Justice League since then (both in comics and film), Victor Stone has not managed to really hold down a solo title as well as some of his fellow League members.

For now Cyborg’s fans will be able to follow his adventures in the pages of Justice League and the soon to launch Justice League Odyssey. 


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