Marvel teases new amalgamated style versions of their characters

Warped - Arachknight Featured

Back in the 90’s, Marvel & DC Comics crossed over their characters in the DC vs Marvel miniseries which led to the creation of a briefly shared imprint known as Amalgam Comics. In that universe, popular characters from both worlds were merged into new characters such as the Wolverine/Batman merged Dark Claw or Storm/Wonder Woman amalgam Amazon among many many many others.

Looks like Marvel is poised to create a whole new grouping of amalgam style characters, by themselves.

Through Twitter, Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski & writer Al Ewing have both shared images of merged together Marvel characters designed by Humberto Ramos, using the hashtag “#WhoGetsWarped.” Cebulski shared Arachknight (Spider-Man & Moon Knight) while Ewing shared Iron Hammer (Iron Man & Thor).

Ramos himself also dropped an image on Twitter, one that is in a different format than the other two, showing a merged Ghost Rider and Black Panther, that Cebulski termed Ghost Panther in his own re-tweet of the image. 

Warped - ArachknightWarped - Iron Hammer

Warped - Ghost Panther

There are no current details beyond those images, stay tuned for more of this developing story as information is revealed.


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