Jon Bernthal reportedly set to return for The Walking Dead season nine

Rick Grimes former best friend & partner is ready to return for Andrew Lincoln's final season of the zombie show.

TWD Shane

In the world that has been set up within The Walking Dead comic books & television series, dead usually means pretty much dead (outside of becoming the shambling zombies that plague the world of course). Except when it doesn’t.

Just as Andrew Lincoln prepares to depart his role as Rick Grimes in the upcoming ninth season of the zombie apocalypse series, his former best friend/foe is about to make a big return.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jon Bernthal is set to make a return to his role of Shane Walsh for one episode of The Walking Dead‘s ninth season. Since Shane was killed by Rick in season two, after Shane went crazy and tried to kill Rick, and then was shot in the head by Carl Grimes upon rising as a zombie, it seems very likely that this is not an actual resurrection situation.

Lately, the series has played a lot with flashbacks and even flashforwards meaning that Shane’s return likely will be a flashback of some kind. There is also the possibility that Shane will appear as some sort of hallucination as that has happened to Rick in the past when he was deep in grief and has happened repeatedly to other characters as they are on the brink of death.

There are no details about the episode of course, but it seems likely that it will be whatever episode marks the departure of Lincoln. Season nine will also mark the departure of Lauren Cohan’s Maggie Rhee as the actress is departing to lead ABC’s upcoming series Whiskey Cavelier.

The Walking Dead returns in October.



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