Captain America & Doctor Strange get warped in Marvel’s amalgamated teasers

Marvel's super solider turns magical as part of the new merged characters teasers from the publisher.

Warped - Soldier Supreme Featured

It’s Gerry Duggan’s turn to jump into that amalgamated/warp Marvel Comics characters fun. The publisher has been rolling out these new teasers under the hashtag “#WhoGetsWarped.”

Previously EIC C.B. Cebulski, artist Humberto Ramos & writer Al Ewing debuted merged versions of Iron Man/Thor, Spider-Man/Moon Knight & Ghost Rider/Black Panther all designed by Ramos and writer Ben Blacker shared a Wolverine (Laura Kinney)/Scarlet Witch merging known as Weapon Hex. Duggan shared the Ramos designed image that brings together Captain America & Doctor Strange as the militaristic and magical Soldier Supreme.

Warped - Soldier Supreme

So far Marvel has offered up no information about how these characters are merged, why, what the storyline will be, creative team or anything else. They have steadily dropped the merged characters through the day and likely will drop more.

Stay tuned for more developments.


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