Lucifer finds a second life with Netflix

Heaven's fallen angel lives once more as the streaming giant has picked up the Fox canceled series for a fourth season.


Looks like the Lord of Hell won’t be booking a trip back there anytime soon. After Fox dropped the ax on the comic book series Lucifer back in May, the series has found new life.

Streaming giant Netflix has swooped in to become the savior of Lucifer as they will be home to the series as it now gains a third season following the previous cancelation, according to Deadline. Netflix reportedly was just one of many suitors for the series, one of the others being Netflix’s rival Amazon, and the deal took some time because the SVOD rights belonged to Hulu for the first three seasons and Lucifer streaming rights in other countries belonged to others including Amazon.

Fans of the series did not take the cancelation lightly as they began a campaign, buoyed by some of the show cast/staff, on social media marked by #SaveLucifer that has remained at full steam for over a month. This is the second time that fans have saved a Fox canceled series as less than 48-hours after Fox axed the fan-favorite comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, NBC swooped in to save the show.

Lucifer is based upon the Vertigo comic book series from Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith and Mike Dringenberg and finds Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) leaving Hell behind to take up residence in Los Angles where he has ended up working alongside LAPD detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) to bring in criminals.

Reportedly this might not be the last show that Netflix saves as they are said to have their eye on the Keifer Sutherland starring ABC canceled Designated Survivor. In recent years the growth of streaming networks and the growing search for shows for fans to connect to has led to cancelation not being as permanent as many once thought it was.



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