Danielle Nicolet & Hartley Sawyer upped to series regulars for The Flash season five

District Attorney Cecile Horton & the Elongated Man Ralph Dibny will take on bigger roles for The CW series' return.

THe Flash 4x12

Over the years the cast of The Flash has fluctuated as new characters come in and others depart, such as Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wall West/Kid Flash in season four, and that won’t change with this year’s season five. Two familiar faces will be playing an even bigger part in the upcoming season and possibly beyond.

According to Deadline, Hartley Sawyer, who plays Elongated Man/Ralph Dibny, and Danielle Nicolet, District Attorney Cecile Horton, have both been promoted to the status of series regulars for the new season after having recurring status in season four (and some of season three for Nicolet).

Sawyer’s Dibny appeared in season four of The CW series as one of the metahumans that was created by Thinker orchestrating the release of Barry Allen/Flash from the speed force. A formerly crooked cop turned into a disgraced private investigator, Ralph joined Team Flash to learn to use his abilities and over time through the influence of Barry and others became a hero and was one of the keys to defeating the Thinker in the end.

While Nicolet’s Cecile might have gotten most of her airtime in the third and fourth seasons of the series, she actually first debuted in a couple of episodes near the end of season one. Soon after her return, she struck up a romantic relationship with Joe West that recently led to her gaining psychic powers thanks to her pregnancy. Season four ended with the birth of their daughter Jenna West.

The Flash returns to The CW this fall.


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