Star Trek: Discovery’s showrunners out amidst reports of abuse as Alex Kurtzman takes over

Season two of the latest entry in the franchise is in production, with Kurtzman expected to take full control with episode six.

Star Trek Discovery

The game of musical chairs for the leadership of CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery continues. After former showrunner Bryan Fuller departed amidst the much delayed first season of the latest entry in the long-running franchise, he was replaced by Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts who have now been replaced themselves.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman, who has worked on the series since the beginning along with some of the recent rebooted Star Trek feature films,  has taken over as showrunner and will also oversee the writer’s room for the in production second season.

“We’ve made some producer changes at Star Trek: Discovery,” CBS said to THR in a statement. “The series continues under the creative vision and leadership of executive producer and co-creator Alex Kurtzman. Discovery remains on course for season two in 2019 with new and continuing stories that build on its successful premiere season.”

Reportedly Berg & Harberts were ousted because of budget issues as well as issues where they were becoming increasingly abusive to the series staff and creating a hostile work environment. Sources stated that multiple writers were uncomfortable and were threatening to file complaints with HR or quit, and then reportedly were threatened by Harberts to keep these issues quiet and internal only.

On the budget side of things, the season two premiere began to go so over budget that it was expected that the budget for future episodes of the season would begin to be affected.

Kurtzman is said to be fully taking over as of episode six, as the first five episodes are just about complete and the series reportedly was planned to take a small hiatus of production after the fifth episode. That hiatus will give Kurtzman time to connect with the writers and work to build a better workplace before production resumes.

Star Trek: Discovery is said to be set to return sometime in 2019.


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