Donny Cates returns for more stories of the Mad Titan in Thanos Legacy #1

Cates joins Gerry Duggan & Brian Level for a story that picks up the threads between "Thanos Wins" & Infinity Wars


Even though his big story (“Thanos Wins”) with the Mad Titan came to an end recently, Donny Cates is not quite done with Thanos. This fall, as part of the Infinity Wars event, he’ll dive right back into Thanos mind.

Marvel announced Thanos Legacy #1a one-shot by Cates along with Infinity Wars/Infinity Countdown writer Gerry Duggan with art by Brian Level.

“Donny is cooking up a 20-page story that answers the questions you’re definitely going to have regarding the mind-blowing events of Infinity Wars Prime…while Gerry Duggan is writing a story about the connection between Thanos and Requiem,” Editor Jordan D. White said. “Both shine new lights on the villain of Infinity Wars and how the story comes from what came before.”


Cates story will detail how the events of “Thanos Wins,” which found the Mad Titan thrust into the future to fight alongside a future version of himself that had won by wiping out most everything in the universe, connect to the current cosmic events.

Thanos Legacy is a kind of thematic sequel to the ‘Thanos Wins’ storyline that Geoff Shaw and I created,” Cates said. “It follows the missing time from the end of Thanos’ journey at the end of everything to…well, you’ll see,” explains Cates. “It’s an absolute blast to step back into the Mad Titan’s story and to give voice to my favorite monster again. If you dug ‘Thanos Wins’, this is a story you won’t want to miss! Things are about to get brutal again.”

Thanos Legacy #1 arrives on September 05.


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