Sina Grace & Nathan Stockman bring new life to Iceman as the frosty X-Men’s series returns

Its hard to keep an X-Man down as Iceman joins Nadia Pym in having solo series that have returned from recent cancelation.

Iceman 01 Featured

Resurrections are commonplace when it comes to the world of comic books and superheroes, and Marvel Comics has just pulled off another one. Following the recent news of the revival of the previously canceled The Unstoppable Wasp series, the X-Men’s frosty joker is getting the same treatment.

Marvel has announced that the solo Iceman series will return in September with previous writer Sina Grace returning alongside new series artist Nathan Stockman. Bobby Drake’s previous series dealt with him coming out to his parents and trying to find his place within the world of the X-Men and superheroes as a whole.

This time around his next series will kick off with guest star and fellow X-Men member Bishop along for the ride as they deal with someone that is hunting the Morlocks for sport, and try to prevent another Mutant Massacre.

” I’m amazed that the series connected with an audience so much that we defied odds and got another arc,” Grace said. “The whole process of writing the first one, I was focused on doing my best work and crafting a series that sat well as a standalone…I had blinders on. Apathy is such a huge force in this world, so when the letters kept coming after the final issue—in my DMs, on Tumblr, to the Marvel offices, at comic conventions—that was when I had to ask, ‘Is this the impact other Super Hero books have on their readers?'”

Iceman 01

Much like The Unstoppable WaspIceman was officially canceled in the latter half of 2017 (but its last issue came earlier this year), both meeting their end before things like trade sales could fully be taken into account. Fans banding together through social media to get their voices heard about wanting the book to continue as well as getting others to buy up the trades helped give the books another shot at life.

Iceman #1 arrives on September 12.


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