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Comcast officially begins a bidding war with Disney over Fox with $65 billion offer

The two media giants are going head to head in order to pick up various Fox assets including some big time properties.


Things are heating up when it comes to the future of properties like the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Predator and more. After recent rumblings that they would do so, Comcast has officially entered the marketplace when it comes to buying up most of 21st Century Fox’s assets.

According to Variety, as most expected Comcast has made an all-cash $65 billion bid for Fox which eclipses the $52.4 billion bid that Disney had already offered up at the end of last year. As part of the preliminary deal with Disney, Fox would have to pay out a  $1.52 billion fee if they drop out of the deal for anything other than government regulatory reasons but Comcast has already said they’ll reimburse Fox that money if the studio decides to lean towards taking Comcast’s deal.

This move seems likely to potentially kick off a bidding war between the two entities, one where Rupert Murdoch and company will come out as the true winners as they will be able to take the money offered along with the select assets on the news/sports/business side of things and consolidate like they want to do.

In gaining Fox’s movie & TV studios, Disney would just add to an already impressive list of acquisitions over the years from Marvel to Lucasfilm to BAMTech streaming tech that will make a Disney streaming platform a reality very soon. Comcast would be able to really bolster themselves up and become even more of a power player as it would give them both Universal and Fox as big movie & TV studios.

Along with the 20th Century Fox movie & television studios, the deal would also give the winning bidder the FX Networks, National Geographic and a 30-percent stake in Hulu. Along with the aforementioned rights to giant-properties like X-Men, Deadpool, Alien, Predator and so much more.

A recent ruling to allow AT&T’s $84.5 billion purchase of Time Warner could help either of these possible buyouts, as the government might have a harder time standing in the way of such mega-deals. There is no telling how far Disney and Comcast are willing to go in a possible bidding war and who Fox will ultimately side with when the dust finally clears.



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