The Unstoppable Wasp flies once more as Marvel revives Nadia Pym’s solo series

Brought to an end at eight issues in 2017, the Nadia Pym starring series lives up to it's name as it can't be stopped


It’s hard to keep a great scientist super-hero down for long. Living up to the adjective in her title, Nadia Pym the daughter of Hank Pym and latest to take on the moniker of The Wasp is returning to her own solo title once more.

Announced by Marvel, the second ongoing volume of The Unstoppable Wasp will be written by previous series writer and Nadia co-creator Jeremy Whitley with art by Gurihiru. Nadia’s previous series, from Whitley and artists including Elsa Charretier, ran for eight issues in 2017 after she debuted in a Free Comic Book Day story with the Avengers.

This new volume will also see the return of the science minded Agents of G.I.R.L. who will support Nadia on her missions as will her stepmother Janet van Dyne the original Wasp as they deal with the return A.I.M. and discover it’s connections to Nadia’s father.

“Our goal with the adventures Nadia has are, as in the first volume, to combine the young and vibrant part of the current Marvel Universe with the heritage and fun of the Marvel Universe that she inherits from her family tree,” Whitley said. “Between Janet, Hank, Scott, Cassie, and Jarvis, Nadia has a ton of Avengers history around her. Also, Mockingbird’s sticking around as a mentor in the lab, so count on some killer chemistry and things getting hit with sticks!”


Not only will Nadia continue to dive into the world of science and superheroics, but more of her past in the Red Room will be revealed.

“I think we’ll have some surprising returns from the first volume, as we not only deal with some of Nadia’s history in the Red Room, but with the revitalization of A.I.M. under a familiar face that Nadia last saw inside of a giant robot,” Whitley said. “Beyond that, we want to bring in some family classics and some new blood as well. Nothing is quite as much fun as making new villains to plague the Marvel Universe.”

The Unstoppable Wasp returns on October 03.


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