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The wait is almost over as Bethesda officially announces The Elder Scrolls VI

At long last, Bethesda is almost ready to roll out the latest entry in the long-running fan-favorite high fantasy series.

Elder Scrolls 6

After leaving fans waiting for years, time which was likely spent wearing out their copies of Skyrim, Bethesda has, at last, announced the next entry in the fan-favorite Elder Scrolls series.

While details are mostly unknown at this point, the game likely not to be coming out till 2019 or later, the developer dropped a trailer that will get the hearts of longtime fans pumping. A stunning show panning over a landscape with the familiar theme led to the revelation of the upcoming arrival of The Elder Scrolls VI. 

Fans are already trying to decipher what region the game will take place in within the high-fantasy world of The Elder Scrolls. Bethesda has their plate full with upcoming games including the also recently announced sci-fi game Starfield which is confirmed to come out well before players get to return to the continent of Tamriel, or elsewhere depending on The Elder Scrolls VI‘s setting.


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