Spider heroes of the multiverse gather for this fall’s Spider-Geddon from Gage & Molina

Things aren't looking too bright for the future of the various Spider-Men and Women across the multiverse.


There isn’t a lot that is known about Marvel’s previously teased Spider-Geddon event, but a brand new teaser image gives quite a bit more insight into the event.

As previously teased the event will indeed be similar to 2014’s Spider-Verse in that it brings together various spider themed heroes of the multiverse including Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man 2099, and more. An interesting piece of the teaser is the revelation of the main series creative team of Christos Gage and Jorge Molina.


While Gage has written various Spider-Man issues over the years alongside Dan Slott, the move to an event is interesting because most times Marvel seems to have their events written by the writers that are on the main titles featuring whatever character or characters are central to the event.

This event kicks off in August with  Edge of Spider-Geddon #1 and #2 which focus on stories of Spider-Verse related characters SP//dr and Spider-Punk.

Spider-Geddon begins this fall.


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