Update: Kid Flash moves on as Keiynan Lonsdale confirms his Arrowverse exit

Turns out the speedster's trip through time as a member of the Waverider crew was a very quick one.

The Flash 4x01

Update 6/7/18 8:00 AM – With news emerging of his departure from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Keiynan Lonsdale took to Twitter to fully address his departure and lay out the reasons he’s stepping away from the CW DC shows as a whole.

“I’ve changed a lot in the past year (as you’ve probably noticed lol), and for infinite reasons my perspective on life & what I want from it now is just completely different,” Lonsdale wrote. “Because of that, my heart told me it was the right time to continue my journey on an unknown path, and I’m so damn grateful to both shows for honouring and respecting that with me.”

Lonsdale recently starred in Love, Simon a film produced by Arrowverse guru Greg Berlanti, a film role which no doubt helped him to make the choice to try some other avenues outside of the superhero realm.

“I love Kid Flash. I love the family I’ve made, & I’m absolutely in love with the invaluable lessons I’ve learnt along the way,” he continued. “Thank you for believing in me and rooting for Wally to thrive, you honestly helped me see that I did indeed deserve to play him, & that s*** right there made me a stronger actor.”

In the post he did confirm that this is not a forever goodbye, as he is very open to reappearing in the role beyond his upcoming season five The Flash premiere guest spot.

Original Story: Wally West just can’t seem to catch a break in the Arrowverse. After being criminally ignored in the first half of The Flash‘s fourth season (including being dumped by Jesse Quick for no real reason other than them being on different Earths), Kid Flash seemed to find a nice home on the Waverider once Rip Hunter brought him aboard to join the Legends of Tomorrow crew in their fight against the demon Mallus.

Looks like he’ll be in search for a new home once more.

According to TV Line, Keiynan Lonsdale, the man behind the mask of Wally West, will not be returning as a series regular when DC’s Legends of Tomorrow kicks off its fourth season later this year. Matt Ryan’s Constantine & Jes Macallan’s Ava though, as previously reported, will be sticking around full time on the show.

Lonsdale’s future as the speedster is mostly a mystery at this point, other than a confirmation that he will be appearing in the season five premiere of The Flash after having reappeared in the final moments of the show’s fourth season finale.

It seems unlikely that he’ll stick around the show long term if Hartley Sawyer’s Elongated Man/Ralph Dibny sticks around for another season (it seems highly likely he will) as the addition of Ralph helped push Wally out as reportedly the budget could not handle two speedsters and a stretching man.

It’s a shame that Lonsdale is in such a spot as his Wally has been a favorite of many fans, and now he seems to be looking at another possibly lengthy stint in the dark area known as character limbo waiting for the day that The CW shows give him another longer shot.


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