After killing him in 2014 Charles Soule & Steve McNiven tackle the Return of Wolverine

The Marvel Universe's hunt comes to an end this fall as they at last find & witness the return of the X-Men's original clawed member.

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First he died and then a hunt was stared for his missing body. The next logical step for Marvel’s original clawed mutant is to return.

Marvel has officially announced that this September the team of Charles Soule and Steve McNiven are reuniting to handle the five-issue miniseries Return of Wolverine. The duo are the ones that originally sent James “Logan” Howlett to the afterlife in 2014’s Death of Wolverine.

Not only will the new series finally answer how Logan came back, as he was seen back in the world of the living in 2017’s Marvel Legacy #1, but it will also give the already seemingly unstoppable mutant a new ability.


“Wolverine’s body has been missing. The entire Marvel Universe has been looking for him, because he’s a very important part of the Super Hero puzzle. And at long last, he will be found,” Soule said. “I thought this was a real opportunity to do things that would make him feel new and fresh in a way; if you come back from the dead, it should mean something. One of the outwardly physical manifestations of that is that now, from time to time, his claws—once they’re popped—they can heat up. They can get really hot.”

Return of Wolverine is being billed as the end of a trilogy by Marvel, a trilogy that began with 2014’s Death of Wolverine followed by this year’s Hunt For Wolverine which started off in a one-shot followed by a variety of miniseries by Soule and others (Claws of a Killer, Weapon Lost, Mystery in Madripoor and Adamantium Agenda) with the Hunt for Wolverine banner that have followed the Marvel Universe’s hunt for Logan.

The new miniseries debuts on September 19.




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