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Screen Junkies pays tribute to Christopher Nolan with latest Honest Trailer

None of the trademarks of Nolan's less than a dozen films are off limits to the humorous eye of the Honest Trailers crew.

Christopher Nolan

Some directors only need a handful of films under their belt to make a really big impact on the world around them. One of those directors is Christopher Nolan.

From Memento to Inception to the Dark Knight Trilogy, Screen Junkie’s latest Honest Trailers is dedicated to all things Nolan. While Nolan’s films are well-received and loved, that doesn’t mean they are above a bit of the typical Honest Trailers poking fun.

They dive into everything from the non-linear storytelling, loud orchestral music, the different faces taken on by repeated actors, the color choices and the theme of dead wives of white males among other things that have made up the career of the suited up director.

Check out the latest video below then fire up your favorite streaming platform or Blu-ray player to check out Interstellar or The Prestige once more.


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