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The Arrowverse – Supergirl 3×20 “Dark Side of the Moon” review

A blast from the past holds the key to possibly defeating Reign but it might also be the key to Supergirl's future.

Supergirl 3x20

They say you can’t go home again, but sometimes that isn’t always true. For the longest time, Earth was the home for Kara Zor-El after her home of Krypton was destroyed with her being one of the only few believed survivors. Turns out that a chunk of that home, her home city of Argo in fact, survived the destruction and holds the possible key to defeating the World Killer Reign.

Over the many decades of their existence in various mediums, both Supergirl and Superman at times have had to deal with learning that they are not the only Kryptonians left. They face villains that are Krytponians and many times, like this one, they find chunks of their old home and at times those chunks of home have contained loved ones. When Erica Durance was cast in the role of Alura at the start of the season, replacing Laura Benanti in the role, it seemed pretty clear that the former Smallville Lois Lane was not going to just be used in flashback or dream sequences of Kara’s mom. That bore out this week as Kara got to meet her mom once more amongst those that are on Argo City, a city that her father Zor-El gave his life to save.

Everything about Argo seems fine and dandy, and clearly is going to serve as a temptation for Kara as she has lately seemingly grown tired of the whole alter-ego keeping secrets thing especially since it has really harmed her relationship with Lena Luthor on the Supergirl side of things. Next episode’s preview already points to her going back to Argo, seeking to possibly stay there for good once the threat of Reign is over. Already, it seems clear that part of what might change that is the fact that the council leader Selene that she meets on Argo is the Kryptonian woman that we’ve seen all season long as the one controlling and guiding the World Killers. Argo/Krypton’s dark past is not so much just in its past.

Overall the episode works quite well as it splits the team in various ways, never forgetting the ticking timebomb that is Reign who grows stronger by the moment. Tensions are high and come out, especially when Winn goes off a bit on Ruby before realizing what a jerk he is as the two have much in common in regards to parents going down a dark side and trying to kill them. It was really nice to see Winn get to do a bit more than just be the tech guy, he doesn’t get to do the more character type things as often lately.

Supergirl 3x20 Alex Ruby

Speaking of Ruby, the future for her seems to be at a crossroads. With each passing week, Alex is becoming more attached to the young girl as her own character journey from the season continues. Honestly, at first, the subplot of her chasing down some person that was trying to kill her seemed out of place and a bit of a time filler. That is until she threw herself across a rooftop to try and stop them only to question herself and the decisions that have been brewing this season. The reason for her breakup with Maggie was to have kids, and she still wants that but isn’t sure that she can be the DEO superagent Alex and mother Alex at the same time. Throwing oneself in the line of fire and juggling a family is something that those in the law enforcement and other such fields struggle with all the time in reality. I’m betting we find out her choice sooner, rather than later as it seems more and more clear that things with Reign will end badly and Ruby might end up with Alex on a regular basis.

Kara and Mon-El returning just in time with the black rock that might stop Reign just in time for her escape seems a bit cliche, but it was effective. As was the struggle that Lena Luthor had about what to do should Supergirl not return in time. As noted in past reviews, previously I found the James/Lena relationship to be forced and while its beginnings still were forced the results have been pretty intriguing. She turns to him for support now and he is a great giver of wisdom, as he asks her to think of what Sam would want in this case. Likely Sam wanting to protect Ruby, and ultimately her friends and the world seems to be the likely key to ending Reign forever come the climactic moments of the finale. She’d rather give her life than see others ended by her own hands.

Final Thoughts

This week the writers were able to weave together an episode that was mostly character development but still had high stakes for the season as Reign served as a ticking clock in the background. It seems clear that Argo is going to be something that will likely tempt Kara for the rest of the season, and I would not be surprised if the season ends with her back there living amongst family before she has to come back to Earth next season for some reason. Speaking of endings, it also seems very likely that Alex could temporarily step away from the team should she have to keep raising Ruby at the end of the season. Both characters Kara and Alex have come a long way since the start of the season, and it is very interesting to see how much further they will go as things develop.

Score: 9 out of 10


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