James Mangold reportedly set to write & direct a Boba Fett solo film

After years of rumors it looks like the movie featuring the formerly mysterious bounty hunter is moving forward.

Boba Fett

If you thought that the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story was Lucasfilm and Disney really digging into the nostalgia well to tell stories in the past of a fan-favorite character, they aren’t finished yet.

After years and years of rumors, it looks like that Boba Fett movie that some fans were asking for it happening.

According to The Hollywood ReporterLogan director James Mangold has been tapped to write a stand-alone film featuring the formerly mysterious (the prequels and the cartoons fleshed out a lot of the character’s backstory including cloning) bounty hunter. Boba Fett has long circulated as one of the films that would be part of Lucasfilm & Disney’s anthology Star Wars films alongside Rogue One and Solo which have both already become reality and the long-rumored Obi-Wan film that very well could be a reality.

Introduced as a silent masked bounty hunter that caught the attention of many fans, Boba Fett has lost a lot of the mystery that was previously in place after the aforementioned prequels and cartoons and slews of games and comics and other entertainment that has told so many stories with him.

While the move likely came as Mangold had a pitch that the studio liked, it is once again another blow to the hopes that the studio will ever hire someone that isn’t a white male to handle the stories in a galaxy far far away.

Longtime X-Men producer and now emerging director with the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Simon Kinberg was previously reported to be attached to a Boba Fett film and it is unclear if this is the same film or not.  With Mangold and Kinberg having a working relationship from Logan, it seems pretty likely the films are one and the same.

Many suspected and reported that Josh Trank was going to create a Boba Fett film for Lucasfilm before he was quickly dismissed in 2015 following but not nessicarily related to the reports of his famous meltdowns during the filming of 2014’s Fantastic Four which had to be re-shot and directed by someone else after Fox removed him from the film.

When this film would take place (likey of course well before Return of the Jedi where he pretty unceremoniously died) and what ti would focus on is unclear at this point.



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