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Take a peek at the true dark side in Screen Junkies Star Wars specials Honest Trailer

Screen Junkies takes a look back at these probably best left forgotten specials so that you don't really have to.

Ewoks Battle of Endor Special

Just a cursory scan of the internet will find plenty of places where people argue in circles about which Star Wars films or shows are the best and which are the worst including those that are still kicking up dust about their dislike of The Last Jedi. Whether you’re an original prequel, prequels or Disney led era lover, at least the majority can agree their all better than the original three TV specials.

For their latest Honest Trailers befoe Solo: A Star Wars Story hits the big screen, Screen Junkies took a trip back in time to check out the Star Wars Holiday SpecialCaravan of Courage: The Ewok’s Adventure Special and Ewoks Battle of Endor Special and they’re just as awful as you probably remember if you were lucky (probably unlucky actually) enough to ever see them.

Terrible acting, nonsensical plots or no plots, Chewbacca’s terribly named family, a glammed up Luke Skywalker, a really dark turn for a Star Wars special where Ewoks are slaughtered wholesale, and so much more easily mark these shows as some of the worst to come out of the Star Wars brand.


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