Even Cable cannot defeat time itself as his latest solo series has been canceled

Current series co-writer Zak Thompson confirms the news that Nathan Summers' latest title is ending this summer.


Despite making his big screen debut as part of the very successful Deadpool 2, things aren’t so rosy looking for the time-traveling mutant Nathan Summers/Cable in the comic book side of things.

After being noticeably absent in Marvel’s August solicitations, writer Zak Thompson has now officially confirmed on Twitter that as of July’s issue 159 the Cable solo series has been canceled. Thompson & co-writer Lonnie Nadler along with artist German Peralta began their run with issue #155.

In a series of posts, Thompson wrote a eulogy for the titled and vowed to write the character again one day.

Relaunching during Marvel’s ResurrXion initiative last summer, which relaunched the entire line of X-Men and Inhumans books, the book put Nathan Summers back into a solo story for the first time in almost a decade. During the fall’s Marvel Legacy initiative it quickly picked up larger legacy numbering reflecting the previous Cable led books.


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