The Super Sons are returning to their own title this summer

Superboy and Robin will fly into action once more for a brand new DC Comics maxiseries in August.

Super Sons

Despite their title ending later this month, the shared stories of Damian Wayne/Robin and Jonathan Kent/Superboy are not quite over.

As revealed by DC Entertainment’s Director of Publicity Michael Shelling on his TwitterSuper Sons writer Peter J. Tomasi is returning to the characters not only with the already announced Super Sons/Dynomutt special but a newly announced 12-issue maxiseries Adventures of the Super Sons beginning in August. There is no word on who will be joining Tomasai on the artistic side of things, but former Super Sons artist Jorge Jimenez likely won’t be back as he’s now part of the Justice League relaunch team.

Kicking off in early 2017, Super Sons was part of the DC Rebirth initiative and brought the sons of Superman and Batman together for their own adventures. It was confirmed earlier this year to be canceled with the upcoming issue #16, but at the time Tomasai stated the cancellation was not due to sales.

As there are more stories being told, it is possible that the previous series was ended because of the fact that Brian Michael Bendis is taking over Action Comics and Superman this summer (after a six-issue Man of Steel miniseries), likely shaking up the status quo of the Superman line of comics. Supergirl and Superwoman are also titles that recently came to an end in the line, seemingly lending credence to a reshuffling of some kind coming now that Bendis has taken charge of the main titles.


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