Spidergeddon is coming to Marvel this fall in the form of another Spider-Man line event

The Spider-line is in a state of upheaval and change currently, and it seems things won't be settling down anytime soon.

Currently, Amazing Spider-Man is winding down the Dan Slott run with Nick Spencer & Ryan Ottley’s run still weeks away, Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man is jumping through time for a new adventure, Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen already have and are going to end and Venom has just started a brand new volume. Despite all that, Marvel already has their next Spider-centric event on their minds.

Following the trend set by most of the line’s events over the last decade, Marvel revealed a teaser showing that the latest event to come this fall will keep the word Spider attached to another word this time with an event called Spidergeddon. There is nothing on the teaser other than a caption stating that “Spidergeddon Is Nigh.”


There is no creative team given or date or even what title it will take place in. Marvel has teased some things for Venom’s 30th anniversary this year (including the new title) and that Spider-Man will be back in the black costume during the new upcoming run meaning either of those could play in.

The future of Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman after their titles are ending could also be a big part of it. Right now though, all that is known is that a spider-family event is nigh.


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