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Arrowverse – The Flash 4×22 “Think Fast” review

Just in time for the next episode finale, The Thinker's plan begins to move forward as Team Flash scrambles to stop him.

The Flash 4x22

After spending most of the season lurking and slowly putting things together, The Thinker surges forward with his plans to dumb down the world (or begin the “Enlightenment” as he claims), but thankfully for the heroes, his plan gives them time to plan, dramatize and search for Marlize DaVoe. After impersonating John Diggle (David Ramsey), Clifford DaVoe gains access to the ARGUS facility where the nuclear meta Fallout is being kept and begins to use him to create a nuclear fission battery for his plans. Team Flash gets word of this thanks to asking the real Diggle, begins to make plans to stop DaVoe and save hostages he has by bringing others into Flash Time and giving them time to help save the day. Iris and Harry hunt for Marlize, as Joe and Cecile worry about the impending birth of their child and Caitlin begins to uncover something about herself.

First off, this season has frustrated me beyond belief with the dragging out of things that make Thinker not even close to as smart as the writers want to claim, but that opening scene of DaVoe using all the metahuman powers to decimate the ARGUS facility guards was pretty damn epic. The choice of classical music accompanied by the fight choreography was A+, as DaVoe used each of the powers so smoothly to accomplish everything he needed to. Turns out the countdown clock within the episode was not just for the characters but also for the show to finally actually move things forward and make Thinker truly a threat. Only took really 22 episodes to finally make him live up to what the writers wanted us to believe about the character.

For once he was actually ten steps ahead as the plan was never to actually use only his own satellites, knowing that Barry and the others would destroy at least one of them. STAR Labs gave him the last of what he needed in the satellite they have oh and the super future A.I. computer system that they have hidden in the complex from the old Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells days. Gideon comes back into play as she is now fully under the control of DaVoe. Maybe the team might want to find a way to lock down Gideon a bit better since a lot of folks have discovered her presence over the years.

The Flash 4x22 Team Flash

At the same time, the threat of Thinker feels hollow because of how long it took to get to this point. If he was so smart and so far ahead of them that he knew he needed to take Barry off the board (though that failed) well over a year ago, why wait till now to take over Gideon and do all this stuff? Oh, that’s right, they had to wait for the penultimate episode and the finale. It just makes the whole thing feel off because they spent way more time telling us that DaVoe is a threat rather than really showing us.

Barry’s emotions and hesitance to train Cisco and Caitlin to use Flash Time makes sense of course, because of Ralph’s loss but at the same time, the others were right to smack him down. They have been fighting at Barry’s side for four years now, their lives have been at risk since episode one. Now is not the time to be wishy-washy and try to keep them out of things. Cisco is right, they all have their part of the blame to play in what has gone down this season and no one is more responsible than anyone else.

This week also revealed some new thing where Cecile’s telepathy from the pregnancy (still not even fully explained why this happened but whatever) is causing her to take on personality and belief that she is other people from the pizza guy to Caitlin to Joe. No doubt this will somehow play into the finale as the ace up their sleeve. There has to be a reason why this whole telepathy thing was written into the season, and something to do with the finale makes the most sense. It did help with the whole Harry losing his mind thing for a bit when Cecile could read his thoughts and help him come to conclusions about things. This week, she also helped put a Team Flash member on course to another revelation.

The team’s on-call shrink (Doctor Finkle must get good money from them at this point) points Caitlin towards the possibility of a repressed memory to do with her split personality that she’s trying to get back. Turns out the Doctor was right and after having an incident during the Flash Time training and a push from Cecile, Caitlin realizes there might be something there. Vibing back shows that apparently an accident as a child with a bike and a car actually brought out the Killer Frost change in her as a child. Which means that the dark matter explosion four years ago didn’t bring out Killer Frost in her. The how and why of this revelation is very unclear but must be leading somewhere. Hopefully.

Final Thoughts

The episode started out strong with the fight scene before descending into some drawn out time for drama and some development, which was not as grating as it has been at times this season. Once again I’m not convinced that the Thinker is the smartest person around as his plan again seems to rely on a lot of coincidences and things that just happened to work out just in time for the finale. Caitlin’s sudden revelation seems very ill-timed as there can’t be any real time to develop that in the finale, should have been saved for season five perhaps. Marlize possibly helping Team Flash to save the world was expected for a long time, and surely it will end just as cliche and probably very sad for her at least. Despite some good things and episodes here or there, I’m so ready for this season to end.

Score: 8 out of 10


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