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The Arrowverse – Supergirl 3×18 “Shelter From the Storm” review

Reign sets her sights on Ruby as Team Supergirl has to deal with a more powerful foe & their various relationships.

Supergirl 3x18

Team Supergirl & the Legion might have secured a massive win last week, but at the same time, they actually didn’t. Two World Killers are dead but now Reign carries all their powers and is on the warpath to find and kill Ruby Arias, so that her other half Samantha Arias no longer has anything to cling to in order to fight back against Reign. Pestilence’s death is still a win for the future, leading to the Legion heading out in order to make sure they are back home to see what the new future has in store for them. Except, one of them has a bit of a struggle.

This episode started off with romance that quickly turned as Reign barrelled into the room of Lena Luthor to take on her and James Olson in order to find Ruby. Strangely enough, the moments before Reign’s appearance were not too bad between the couple, as they went from a very forced out of nowhere relationship to actually the most stable of the romantic relationships so far this season. Never saw that one coming. James actually sees the good in Lena and sees the good that Kryptonite might be able to do if Lena lets Supergirl know that she has created some that can hurt Reign.

The later discussion between Supergirl and Lena actually sheds some light on both of their views, and I have to say that in the long-run it is Lena’s side that actually the one that makes the most sense. Yes, Supergirl is right about being scared of Kryptonite and what it can do to her but as Lena pointed out it is the one thing that can kill the hero while humans have millions upon millions of things that they have to worry about killing them. If Kryptonite can stop threats like Reign or any other Kryptonians that choose not to be as righteous as Superman or Supergirl, the heroes being able to create the one thing that can weaken them is a boon. There is the downside of it continuing to exist, but again as Lena said humans don’t ban all the things that could be used wrong that can kill them. At least the two were able to make up by the end, coming to some middle ground about trust and the Kryptonite.

Supergirl 3x18 Ruby Alex

A huge plus of this episode was the dramatic tension that was maintained from start to finish. After the dramatic attack on Lena and James, Reign ends up taking on J’Onn and Supergirl at the farm of her mother, killing Patricia Arias in the course of things. It is a brutal fight with explosions and beatings and all the World Killer Powers unleashed. It has nothing on the final fight against Reign in the episode as she descends upon Lex’s mansion (where Ruby was hidden) and plows through the defenses, beats down Alex and then has to take on Supergirl and Mon-El and the Kryptonite before they are able to talk her down from killing Ruby and Mon-El shoots her with the Kryptonite. Reign is down and contained again, but the question is for how long.

Alongside the action, this week was all about emotions and the toll they can take sometimes. J’Onn struggles with watching his father continue to deteriorate, his memories falling away with every moment. Supergirl has to deal with her feelings about Lena and Kryptonite, only to later find out as Kara that she has crossed too many lines as Supergirl as Lena confesses she doesn’t trust Supergirl after what Supergirl did asking James to break into her vault and other things. Ruby now has to deal with knowing that her mother is Reign, while her grandmother had to deal with her failures as a mother before she was killed by Reign. Then there was Mon-El and Imra, with Imra deciding that it was best that Mon-El stays in the past to deal with his feelings for Kara so he can decide which woman he wants to be with.

That last one has me rolling my eyes so much, same as each week. This love triangle has been ridiculous and at times it wasn’t even fully a triangle as Imra was always in the background or silent many times and now all of a sudden she is stepping out of the way to let her husband go back to his ex-girlfriend possibly. It has been clear since his return that the writers want the triangle to turn back to a Kara/Mon-El relationship. While there are many cheering for that potentially, at the same time it feels so wrong as a heroic character for Supergirl to be responsible for the breaking of a marriage. Even if she didn’t do it intentionally, she will have gained from the break-up of a marriage. It happens all the time, but it just somehow feels so wrong for it to happen with a hero especially one of the Superfamily.

Final Thoughts

Unlike some of the other The CW DC shows, Supergirl has succeeded at the big bad for the season keeping the tension and drama and revelations even to this point. Reign continues to be a huge threat that is even more powerful, and the action and drama in the episode kept things moving swiftly not letting up for even a moment. At this point, it seems unclear how they will ever reach Samantha since her mother and her daughter both could not shake her out of Reign. Relationship issues, in the end, might be the biggest threat to Team Supergirl.

Score: 8 out of 10


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