Lauren Cohan’s The Walking Dead future is murky as ABC orders her pilot to series

While confirmed back for season nine, the fate of Maggie Rhee remains unclear as Cohan finds a second job.

TWD Maggie Greene

Many fans likely were able to breathe a bit of a sigh of relief after months of rumors and contract negotiations were put aside and Lauren Cohan officially confirmed her return for season nine of The Walking Dead. Turns out though, those fans might have to start holding their breath again.

One thing that made many think that Cohan was poised to leave, as AMC reportedly would not pay her equal to other leads Andrew Lincoln & Norman Reedus as she requested, was that she grabbed a part in Whiskey Cavaliera pilot for ABC. As the networks prepare for Upfronts they have been canceling series & ordering pilots to series, including the aforementioned Whiskey Cavalier

While securing a second job doesn’t nessicarily mean one has to lose the other, it has become a bit of an indicator that time is not long for a character in The Walking Dead universe. Sonequa Martin-Green & Chad Coleman are just two examples, both actors picking up work for Star Trek Discovery and The Expanse respectively leading to the subsequent deaths of their characters Sasha and Tyrese before they began the new gigs.

Corey Hawkins is an example of the somewhat opposite, as he snagged a gig on Fox’s 24: Legacy, which soon was canceled, leading to his character of Heath to vanish with his fate unknown.

There is no guarantee that Maggie will meet either of those fates, as her character is very important to the series and there very well could be a way for the production of the series to work out to allow her to do both.

A diminished presence on The Walking Dead in the second half of season nine (as the first half is currently filming) could be one way to go about it, as there is no word on when Whiskey Cavalier will begin filming as that will likely depend on if it’s a fall premiere or spring premiere for ABC.

There is no guarantee that Whiskey Cavalier will even survive at ABC, as evidenced by the bloodbath of television shows that networks have canceled over the last week.

Since Maggie is currently pregnant with Glenn’s child (who should be a few years old in season nine if the time jump talk is true), the writers could even decide to spare her a grisly fate and write her off the show in a way where Maggie is just too busy running the Hilltop to appear and go out doing the crazy stuff, until she can return.

Only time will tell what will happen with Lauren, Maggie, and The Walking Dead.


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