The Legion of Doom assembles on Doug Mahnke’s Justice League #5 cover

After plaguing the Super Friends in the 70's, the Legion is ready to stand against the goals of DC's latest Justice League.

Justice League 05 Featured

With the Justice League rebuilding and entering a new era, it only makes sense that some of their greatest enemies will do the same.

As reported by Comic Book Resources, Scott Snyder revealed that his upcoming run on the DC Comics’ flagship team title will feature the main DC Universe comic book debut of the Legion of Doom, an assemblage of villains that plagued the heroes in the 1978 animated Challenge of the Super Friends series.

Led by Lex Luthor, the lineup will include Gorilla Grodd, Sinestro, Cheetah, Black Manta and the Joker. Doug Mahnke’s cover for Justice League #5 showcases the assembled villains that will offer up a different take than the League on how the world should move forward following the events of Dark Nights: Metal and Justice League: No Justice.

Justice League 05

As for the why is the time for the Legion to make their comic debut and for Lex to drop his quest to be a hero, Snyder said:

Yeah, part of the fun of No Justice for me is how it’s a bridge between Metal and all this new stuff in the Justice League group, so it’s going to tell you the story of why Luthor decides that maybe he’s made a mistake trying to be a hero all this time. For Justice League, you don’t have to have read anything else to pick it up, but it’s one giant cumulative story. So, for us, the idea was looking at what happened in Metal with Black Manta, what happened with Sinestro when the Source Wall broke. All of these things are catalysts for Luthor to say, “You know what? Maybe being a hero — maybe the heroes themselves — are this fallacy. Maybe the whole thing is the wrong way for humans to be.” So having seen what happens in No Justice, and how strong the force of Entropy is on Earth, it really gives him a glimpse into his possible purpose in life. So when he comes back it brings him into conflict with another big DC character who I don’t want to give away — but, another villain who is trying to form an Injustice Gang. The story is really about why, in this particular moment, an Injustice Gang, all that stuff, would be too small. We need something as big as the Legion of Doom — which we haven’t really seen in continuity, save for a couple small glimpses in Elseworlds or things like that. I wanted to bring them back full force, set it against the Hall of Justice, and have it be the biggest clash that we’ve been able to do at DC in many, many years.”


Justice League from Snyder, Jorge Jimenez, Jim Cheung and Mark Morales begins on June 06.


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