The CW picks up Charmed & Roswell reboots but passes on Supernatural spinoff

Two former CW/WB shows make their modern comeback as the anticipated Supernatural spinoff doesn't get off the ground

Wayward Sisters

It’s that time of year where the networks begin to formalize their next season offerings with renewals and picking up of pilots while also dropping the ax on both current series and potential pilots.

After renewing most of their lineup last month, The CW has now finished canceling and renewing their current shows and turned their eyes towards the various pilots that were in development. It’s a good news situation for the reboots of former WB (one of the networks that merged to create the CW) darlings Charmed and Roswell, the latter being re-named Roswell, New Mexico, which have now been ordered to series, according to Deadline. 

Each series will offer a new take on the former series which focused on a trio of witch sisters and a group of teenage aliens, respectively.

At the same time, the network also picked up and ordered to series the pilots for the Vampire Diaries/The Originals spinoff Legacies, In The Dark and All American.

The bad news comes for Supernatural fans. While the main series is continuing, the planned spinoff Wayward Sister, which had a backdoor pilot earlier this season of Supernatural, has been passed on by the networkWayward Sisters would have starred original series character Sherrif Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) and the group of troubled young women (all orphaned through supernatural means) taken under her wing that would have become a monster fighting team.

Reportedly the choice came down to Wayward Sisters or Legacies and the network chose the latter based upon the pilot script and the ratings for the final season of The Originals.



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