Kevin Bacon’s cancelled Tremors reboot TV series gets a leaked trailer

The Bacon led Tremors reboot could find new life now that the trailer could leave fans wanting a whole lot more.


When news broke in that Kevin Bacon was ready to return as Valentine McKee to the cult classic Tremors franchise in the form of a new television series from SyFy, many fans were also ready to head on back to Perfection to take on giant worms. Unfortunately, news dropped recently that SyFy was passing on the series, announced by Bacon himself.

There were rumors that Blumhouse Productions and Universal Cable Productions could shop the project around to find a new home, and that might actually be a lot easier now. Turns out that someone, using the appropriate moniker of Valentine McKee, on Vimeo has released the leaked trailer for the scrapped Tremors series pilot that was shot.

It’s prety great.

Bacon’s series, in which he served as an executive producer, was set to take place 25 years after the 1990 original film and would have ignored all the various sequel films that have come since then, including the recent sixth one which was another direct to video affair still starring original film cast member Michael Gross.

Now, there is no guarantee that even with a leaked trailer that the series will get picked up by another network or that SyFy will change their minds. That being said, we all remember the leaked footage in 2014 that got fans excited and forced Fox’s hand to finally make the Deadpool film that they had been flirting with for almost a decade.

Turned out to be a pretty great idea for the studio as the film made way more money than anyone ever expected and has a sequel on the way this month. Tremors isn’t Deadpool, but the two very soon could have something in common.


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