Jon Favreau reveals the time period for his Star Wars television series

Favreau's entry into the continuing stories set in a galaxy far far away will explore a post-original trilogy time period.

Star Wars

Since buying up everything Star Wars related in 2012, Disney has been slowly, through Lucasfilm, been working to expand the realms they are exploring in a galaxy far far away. While the main saga is continuing, in a time period 30 something years after Return of the Jedi, other mediums such as television and books and comics are exploring characters, planets, and eras that haven’t been touched outside of the former expanded universe.

Now they are set to explore another period of time that many fans have wondered about.

Speaking with Nerdist’s Dan Casey, Jon Favreau revealed what audiences can expect when the Star Wars television series he’s developing, announced back in March, for the Disney streaming app debuts. This new series that Favreau is writing and executive producing is set to take place in the realm of seven years after Return of the Jedi, featuring a set of brand new characters.

In the aforementioned expanded universe of games and books that came before Disney’s purchase of Star Wars (and were or were not fully canon depending upon who you asked), all the years following Return of the Jedi were deeply explored especially in the saga of novels. Since Disney took over, much of the time between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens has been left a mystery with some details being offered in the films and a few books that have been set in those years.

Those stories though focus of course on the main characters we know, not so much what was happening to the rest of the universe in the meantime.

Interestingly enough this means that this series and the recently announced Dave Filoni led animated series Star Wars Resistance will be taking place in the time period after the original trilogy, and not in the prequel era like the previous television/animated projects have.


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