DC Comics increases the price of almost all their main DC Universe titles to $3.99

A few years after their hold the line at $2.99 initiative, the comic book publisher has mostly abandoned the price point.

Batman 45 Featured

A week after announcing the end of digital comics codes from their $3.99 comic book series, DC Comics has made another change to their comics.

According to Newsarama, the publisher has, effective as of last week, increased the price of all of their physical and digital comics to the $3.99 price point. That means Wonder WomanBatman, Detective Comics, Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps, Harley Quinn, The Flash, Superman, Action Comics and Injustice are all no longer $2.99.

All of the publisher’s “New Age of DC Heroes” (Curse of Brimstone, Damage, Sideways, New Challengers, The Terrifics, Immortal Men, Silencer and The Unexpected) and the various monthly kid’s titles will not be affected by this increase.

For many years both during the New 52 and DC Rebirth eras, DC prided themselves at keeping various titles at the $2.99 point while competition like Marvel had many books at higher prices. There was even the promotion “Hold the Line at $2.99” for a number of years.

Fans of the series will now be paying a higher price point and will no longer get digital complimentary copies of the titles at the same point, as DC announced the codes will be saved for some number one issues, annuals or special events.




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