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Arrowverse – The Flash 4×21 “Harry and the Harrisons” review

An old enemy becomes somewhat an ally in an episode that is treading water waiting for the upcoming finale.

The Flash 4x21

When you’re trying to stop a megalomaniac deadset on using his intelligence to dumb down the world, turning to the villain that plagued you and your friends previously might be one of the few choices. Thus we get an episode where Kate Sackoff gets to come back to chew up scenery once more as Amunet Black, the metal-controlling villain that kidnapped Caitlin, tried to sell off Barry and other metahumans and messed up Iris’ bachelorette party (something Iris remembers to bring up). Of course, because such is the luck of Team Flash, Amunet’s former henchman has taken over her business and stole her giant storage of metal shards that she could use to help the team stop DaVoe’s satellites.

Of course, things don’t go their way as Amunet was just using the heroes to get her way, as they should have seen coming. Desperation tends to breed blindness to some things as it did in this case both for Team Flash as a whole who wants to beat DaVoe and Caitlin alone who hoped Amunet could help bring back Killer Frost. While Amunet isn’t around to help the team once she got her metal shards back, it was interesting that they did convince her not to murder Novock (though she did take his eye snake) and she did make a selfishly motivated yet still selfless move to give the team some of her metal that they can use to stop DaVoe’s satellites.

Speaking of DaVoe, he’s nowhere to be seen this episode after appearing in the last few. All season the show has tried to tell us that he’s smarter than everyone and a hundred steps ahead of them, yet at the same time shows us that his work to find the metas or to move parts of his plan forward seems to move the same speed as the investigations and moves of Team Flash. Basically, writers building in a way for the heroes to catch up to the villain rather than him having found all the metas and enacted his plans months ago. For the first time though, we’re given a reason for why he’s behind this time and hasn’t launched his plans: the loss of Marlize. Not only was Marlize the tech-minded one in the couple, building, and conceiving of things that were needed, but now that she left him Team Flash theorizes this is why his plans are stalled because he has lost the one thing that was important to him.

That’s all well and good, but while we were shown that Clifford loved Marlize and was dedicated to saving himself to be with her early in the season, the second half interactions didn’t exactly show off healthy love. The man drugged his wife to make her compliant when things were not fully going his way and she wasn’t ready to help him fully with his sick plans. So he might be feeling sad that she is gone, but it’s definitely not because of any sort of healthy loving relationship. It’s because he needed stuff from her and believes in a different more controlling and sick love.

The Flash 4x21 Wells

Since Harry is now losing his intelligence, the Council of Wells are out (they didn’t want to help the now less smart Harry cause ego and all that) and the council of Harrisons, those rejected from the Council of Wells, is born. While the Harry plots have been hit and miss this season, as he moves too far into jackass territory out of the loveable jackass territory at times, allowing Tom Cavanagh the chance to go wild playing various versions of the same characters over the last four seasons has been a delight. Especially now that we’re seeing so many different multiverse versions of the character. They might not have made Harry smarter intelligence wise, but the Council of Harrisons has seemingly had an impact to make him smarter as a functioning caring human being. A genuine apology was given to Cisco and it was him that made the connection that DaVoe must be missing something he cares about, Marlize, to not be enacting his plan yet. He might not be the super genius right now, but more empathetic Harry is a welcome one.

Last but certainly not least, Iris decides to write an article this week to put out and let the masses know about DaVoe. First of all, nice that the show finally remembered that they had her re-embrace her journalistic roots months ago. Second of all, while as a journalist myself I respect Iris idea, it’s not the best idea at all. Even laying out what DaVoe is doing, that won’t protect anyone if he did enact the device. If people actually believe this story, and really how many people actually would believe a blog article like that, it could cause mass panic. Sure, they have faith in Central City’s residents, but Barry and Iris declaring all the comments on the article stating places DaVoe was seen as a way to find him is a bit premature and foolish. As a cop, Barry should know that the majority of tips about seeing a person at some location (based upon a person seeing a TV report or reading an article about a criminal) turn out to be false.

Also what the hell ever happened to that whole “the mayor wants to meet with the DaVoe’s because she was still suspicious about his sudden return after they thought Barry murdered him” thing? Just another plot thread that the writers seemed to be stringing together with this season that was just dropped as soon as they could. Overall the season has been a bit of a disjointed web. I only think of this because Iris West posting a story calling out Clifford DaVoe, the man her disgraced former CSI husband was put in prison for supposedly murdering, definitely should be raising some alarms if the Mayor and others were as concerned as they were said to be before.

Final Thoughts

There are only two episodes left before it all comes to a conclusion, and this episode is one of those ones where nothing happens but a lot happens. It treads water to sort of build time for the finale while introducing a few things that might play a part, but really overall it moves rapidly as an episode because its more flashy type spectacle over substance. There is heart there which helps, but it is not one of those you’ll watch it, again and again, type episodes, which to be fair are a lot of episodes of shows as not all of them can be the type that people rave about. Let’s hope that the last episodes really finally wrap things up and we can move past The Thinker for good.

Score: 7 out of 10



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