The Walking Dead promotes two cast members to series regular for season 9

After losing a couple of series regulars in the war torn eighth season, the AMC series replenishes the ranks for this fall.

TWD Siddiq

This fall, The Walking Dead will undergo some changes with a brand new showrunner, Angela Kang, and the characters will have to take stock of their losses and move into a new future following their recent war. Along the way though, some newer but familiar faces will become common fixtures as the series rolls into its ninth season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Avi Nash’s Siddiq and Callan McAuliffe’s Alden have been upgraded from recurring status to series regulars for the new upcoming season, after the loss of other series regulars like Chandler Rigg’s Carl.

It was Rigg’s Carl that brought Siddiq, a doctor, into the group as he lost his life because he wanted to save the man and prove to his father that there still is a future where they can trust and embrace others. After losing multiple Doctor’s last season, Siddiq will very likely play a pretty major role amongst the survivors, especially with Maggie’s child on the way.

McAuliffe’s Alden, on the other hand, is a former member of Negan’s Saviors who surrendered to the Alexandria/Kingdom/Hilltop forces at the satellite base early last season. Kept as a prisoner at the Hilltop, he eventually showed that he wanted to change his ways and that he wasn’t fully on the Negan train, especially once Simon proved that they were willing to let the captured Saviors die just to win the war.

Season nine of The Walking Dead arrives sometime in October.






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