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The Arrowverse – Supergirl 3×17 “Trinity” review

Team Supergirl takes on a trio of World Killers as various cracks in their relationships appear & continue to grow.

Supergirl 3x17

Kara was confronted by two revelations last week, that Sam and Reign are the same person and that Lena Luthor had been keeping that secret for weeks to try and save Sam. Not a beat is lost between last week and this one as the story continues where it left off, the World Killers trio are together and are ready to unleash hell upon the world. As they begin to bathe the world in total darkness, Supergirl and company are in a race against the clock to try and reach Sam in the alternate world where her consciousness has been cast to hopefully stop Reign. At the same time, the love triangle continues to add drama to the goings on and Guardian/James makes a move that might break the trust between him and team Supergirl.

With only a handful of episodes left it’s hard to tell what all the World Killer plot will boil down to, other than the world, of course, being saved. One thing that is clear is that various relationships on the show are being or have been torched and might never be the same again. Supergirl doesn’t trust Lena because she hid that she had some of Lex’s Kryptonite in a safe for years (Only to reveal she actually manufactured it). Mon-El declares that he still wants to hold and love on Supergirl but doesn’t want to hurt his wife, meaning heartbreak is assuredly on the way for someone. James & Lena, an entirely forced at first relationship, somehow is proving to be the most solid of the romantic relationships on this show as James is willing to stand alongside Lena and trust her at her word and not keep seeing her as a Luthor as the others are doing.

It was a bit surprising that a week after the World Killers all come together, there is only one left. Thanks to Julia (the human half of Purity) breaking through at the last minute, both Purity and the just introduced last week Pestilence are dead. Their trio created eclipse is over and the world is safe for the moment. Only for the moment because it appears that the death of two World Killers not only destroyed the dark fortress and allowed Reign to escape had the unintended effect of seemingly tripling her already considerable powers. The day was saved but the future is still not something that is fully safe yet.

Speaking of the future, while it makes sense that Imra and company believe that the future is now secure since Pestilence is dead (with them not knowing yet that Reign has her powers), it’s a pretty crappy thing to decide to just go home. Sure her sister and others might now be safe thanks to possibly changing the timeline, but just ditching Supergirl and the others to fight off an uber powered World Killer who already nearly killed Kara would be really messed up. They are meant to be heroes and at this point, they have already interfered in the timeline to try and get a better future. Might as well keep interfering to make sure it is truly a safer future, one without any World Killers.

Supergirl 3x17 Legion

In a way, perhaps a conspiracy theory, this feels like another nail in the coffin of the Imra/Mon-El marriage as the writers are doing everything they can to push Mon-El/Kara back together. Imra barely appears most times, stands silently like a background extra at times, and is made out to be the “bad guy” almost all the time in the discussions and actions taken. At this rate, it is almost a guarantee that we will see a dissolved marriage very very soon.

At one point it seemed clear that Ruby would be the key to defeating Reign, using the emotion to bring out Sam again to stop what is happening, and it seems now that Reign has finally picked up on that possibility. The big bad World Killer is out to kill a child, to make sure she gets to stay in power forever in this struggle to control one body.

Lena manufacturing Kryptonite and James revealing he is Guardian to her are both two things that no doubt will come back to bite someone in the ass before the season is over. Secret identities are so easily given up in The CW’s world of heroes.

Why the hell is Brainiac still wearing the holo-projection even when with the DEO and doing hero things? Oh, that’s right, the makeup job was pretty terrible and now seemingly the show has just abandoned the idea of him appearing as his actual self.

Speaking of aliens, where is Superman? Yes, this is Supergirl’s show and she needs to be the one handling issues but not once has the show bothered to explain why for months of this World Killer running around, once publicly almost killing his cousin, why Superman hasn’t shown up or even have a reason for his absence mentioned by the team. Oddly enough, it is not like they don’t mention him. Previously they mentioned him cause of tech that Winn had to track Kryptonians and this week they mentioned him briefly in regards to why Lex would have had Kryptonite around. So he’s on their mind, but not. It’s just sloppy writing to leave him off the board without explanation.

Final Thoughts

This week didn’t miss a beat and kept up the dramatic tension from last week, next week’s preview makes it seem like that might be the case for the rest of the season, and dealt a significant blow to the season’s villains and the character’s relationships. The forced & continued romantic triangle at the center of the show needs to be solved soon because it’s past the point of being utterly annoying. Supergirl is close to becoming a hero that, not fully intentionally, causes a marriage to fail and would benefit from that failure. Let’s not go down that path writers, please. Shame that we got so little of Purity & Pestilence before their demise, but interesting to see where this all goes.

Score: 8 out of 10


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