Marvel teases the possible death of some cosmic heroes in Infinity Wars

Marvel's latest mystery character Requiem might not be a friend to the various heroes for the summer event.

Infinity Wars Death Wins

A day after revealing the name of their mysterious new Infinity Wars character, Marvel Comics has revealed a bit more about them through a new teaser. We now have gotten a hint where this character named Requiem will stand when the cosmic event centered around the Infinity Stones will stand, and it is not alongside the heroes of the story.

Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin’s teaser art depicts Requiem standing over an unconscious Peter Quill/Star-Lord with an unconscious Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel in their left hand and a broadsword in the right that has impaled a destoned Infinity Gauntlet. Over it all hangs the ominous caption “Death Wins,” as the previous teaser named Requiem as Death Incarnate, leaving one to wonder if any of these heroes will not make it out of the summer event intact.

Death Wins Infinity Wars

Requiem’s death teaser follows a previously released one featuring Thanos, declaring the Mad Titan a winner in the upcoming event. Infinity Wars carries on the hunt for the Infinity Stones begun in last year’s All-New Guardians of the Galaxy/Guardians of the Galaxy series and the current Infinity Countdown miniseries.

Gerry Duggan & Mike Deodato Jr.’s Infinity Wars: Prime #1, a prelude to the event, arrives in July.


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